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Très bien

Bien mais pas français


Good app, a bit pricy

Good but pricey

Good app, some customization would be nice, still good but would pay $10 max for this

Love It, but....

Minus 2 stars for the high $39.99 price tag Minus 1 star cuz its started crashing! Fix both and youve got a sale! Great app, thoughtful in features like the reports and the email receipts (which look great as is!) and I see such great potential for its usefulness. Ive had the free version for awhile and had no issues other than a calculation error, which they fixed (thanks!), but this week, I started to really play with it and add more catelogue items and it started crashing. :( I have an iPhone 2G, but havent seen anything about compatibility issues. Anyway, its a great app worth trying out and keeping an eye on if youre in the market for this type of app.


Great app! The only problem Ive found with it is that when you create a P.O., the items are not deducted from your inventory. To me this is a major bug but if it were to be fixed, this would be the perfect app worth recommending to anyone running any type of small business


Never felt inclined to write a review until I saw this app. Its simple and quick, and perfect for on site billing! They thought of everything! Very well done app, and to top it off, free!? Thank you :)

Great Trial!

I really appreciate the free option. I checked it out and it does everything I need for my craft business. Ive purchased the full app.

6 stars

Excellent app! Upgraded to pro and worth every cent. Every small business needs this app! How can anyone rate less than 5 stars. Customer support is phenomenal! Highly recommended!


So I might be just ignorant but where or how does one scan barcodes with an iPad 2 in the pro version? Can someone let me know pls. Thnk u so much. Ok well the author owner responded promptly Im late reading his message. I will work with him to resolve my question so I will post the result as soon as I can. He seemed very willing to help n if It doesnt work he will refund me my money he said. That is always very assuring as a customer and user. Thnks

Great app

Extremely valuable for my business, powerful app. Great reporting tools and 3rd party plugins

Simple strait forward

Excellent customer service , worth every penny for pro upgrade, Perfect for contractors

5 stars

These guys deserve 5 stars because their app is hands-down the best in the business. Good support and especially functionality! Seriously Ring it up Pro is my favorite app!

Quote to bill to receipts

As a small service contractor I wanted this to work but used up my 10 free transactions trying to figure out how to start with a quote that was not marked paid in full. They should offer a trial mode where you can send any number of email quotes, invoices, and receipts to yourself so you can figure out how this works. Could be a lot simpler or intuitive.

Bubbly Bob

Ive been doing my books for 34 years now and I just spent an hour and a half trying to get one simple sale entered. This App wont do anything period . It just keeps going in circles and does what it wants to do , not what you need it to do . This was a horrible experience . There is nothing flexible about this App. There is nothing easy about this App. If you make a tiny error , you are in big trouble and theres no way out . There is nothing friendly about this App. No matter where you are in this App , if you ever need to back up and edit something , forget about it because theres no going back to fix things. I rate this App FIVE THUMBS DOWN ! The only thing it is good at doing , is wasting your time.

Bike Shop

I was looking for a small cash register for a small bike shop. I bought the Ring It Up Advanced. Todd was super helpful getting me set up with importing data. Easily worth the $ 30.00. Thanks a lot Todd!

Need the upgrade

This is great software but the free versions quite limited. The mid level package looks useful for most operations but does not offer future upgrades. If you plan to use this for the long run, the max package is the only way to go. $39.99 is what I paid for this app. That said, it works great! I am finally getting caught up on invoicing and getting Paid!

Ring It Up Pro

After searching through all of the other Invoicing Apps in the store, and even purchasing a competitive product, I have no doubt that this is the best option for immediate invoicing available for the iPad. The ability to capture signatures, modify pricing and immediately send documents is an enormous tool for any company. The support offered with any questions was instant always followed up. Great job!

Just what I needed

Great product - excellent customer service!

Best customer service period

Great app. People stop being so cheap. If your small business cant afford 40$ than go work for someone. I would pay 3 times as much. Right now this is the best business crm and invoice and payment solution out. Believe me I check and tried at least another 5. Also the owner is not lazy. He is always adding up dates and making it better. If your looking for a all in one solution that blows the competition out of the water this is it. Hands down the winner. Thanks ringitup


All in all Id have to say this is the most versatile POS program out there for iPad. Definitely worth 40 bucks for the full version. Not entirely sure about the new interface, but it might just take some getting used to. The only thing I could suggest for this app is the ability to add terms and conditions for sales reciepts. Also customizable templates are nice too, Theyre not needed, but the inclusion of them would blow away the competition. If you want a highly customizable POS system that can pretty much work for any business, I highly recommend this app.

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